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“After struggling nearly all year, my 7th grader brought his average up over 10 points!! Erica is the best! She was so patient and worked around our schedule to come out and help him learn ‘how to learn’ math.” – Courtney A.

Areas of Study

I can tutor a variety of subjects from basic math to algebra to business calculus, physics, chemistry, essay writing, basic Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese, and time management. Click below to see everything I can help with.
​Hi, I’m Erica, founder and certified academic and life purpose coach, multi-subject tutor, and mentor at Escalada Education Co. in South Austin. Since 2012, I have been helping students of all ages who need customized help with reaching their academic and personal goals in-person and/or online via Skype or WizIQ.

My mission is for my students and mentees to have a safe place to express their concerns and frustrations, to lessen their anxiety while increasing their confidence, and for them to possess customized procedures and plans to help them meet their academic and life goals.

There are a variety of reasons that students sometimes feel like school isn’t working out for or working WITH them: they may feel like their teacher moves too fast through the lessons or that never get a chance to explore “how?” and “why?” we do things a certain way. Sometimes, students need to catch up or get ahead in or prepare for classes or prepare for standardized tests or material they haven’t seen in a while. It could be that students feel like tests are just nerve wracking and the bane of academics. I help students with which ever of these or others things they feel like are holding them back from performing their best. We can sort these things out and start figuring out how to solve the root problems through dialogue and Socratic questioning centered around self-discovery.

Personalized Learning

The most important step towards a successful coaching, tutoring, or mentoring session is taking time to understand the student and their needs first. Each individual has their own way of processing information, so it is key for a student or learner to know theirs so they can learn, apply, and expand on knowledge in the best way or ways possible. The perspective of the student and understanding their learning methods is also very important. If needed, we can further solidify the belief that each student is a capable, intelligent people able to learn and tackle any subjects or circumstances that may arise with a little guidance and some time for introspection. Creating a set of skills and techniques that work help to empower students and ensure that they are able to take the reigns of their learning.