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​Hi, I’m Erica, a South Austin academic coach, multi-subject tutor, and mentor. Since 2012, my company Escalada Education Co. has been providing academic coaching, tutoring, and mentoring for students of all ages who are in need of customized help with meeting their academic and personal goals. I meet with students and mentees in-person in their home or somewhere nearby and/or online via Skype or WizIQ.

My mission is for my students and mentees to have a safe place to express their concerns and frustrations about their studies and current circumstances, to have reduced anxiety and increased confidence concerning academics and life choices, and for them to walk away with procedures and plans to help them meet their goals with the least amount of headache.

I work with students who feel like their teacher moves too fast through the lessons or may not be able to answer their questions thoroughly, who are needing to catch up or get ahead, and those who are preparing for up coming classes or standardized tests. We work on mastering content as well as planning and organization. I also work with mentees who “feel” like something different needs to happen in their lives, but are not sure what that is, and help them extract their purpose through dialogue and getting to know who they are as a person. I am a current member the National Tutoring Association and am currently obtaining certifications to improve my effectiveness as an academic coach, tutor, and mentor.



I have a long-term student who I used to help with a college writing class. In every paper – these were short story analyses – she would say something like, “The author take us on a journey in the day of the life of…” I used to giggle at this because even a confrontation at …


I am working on obtaining a few certifications from the National Tutoring Association, the nation’s largest tutoring association. I am learning a few things that will be helpful in making my tutoring services more efficient and effective for my students.