Accolades: Testimonials from Parents and Students

Some of my past students have only needed my help for a session or two, while others return year after year to get my help as their classes become progressively more difficult. Below are some example of the feedback I have received thus far.

“My 7th grader brought his average up over 10 points!!”

“After struggling nearly all year, my 7th grader brought his average up over 10 points!! Erica is the best! She was so patient and worked around our schedule to come out and help him learn “how to learn” math. I’m delighted with his progress and definitely not going to wait until the last minute next year! Thank you Erica! You rock!” – Courtney A.

“Little tricks to remember the material”

Erica has been tutoring me in Business Calculus for 2 1/2 months and she is the only reason I’ll be able to pass the class. She explains the material in a way that I can understand and little tricks to remember the material. I had difficulty finding a Business Calculus tutor and I’m very glad I found her. I definitely recommend her as a tutor.” – Rachel M.

“She came up with a plan and absolutely knocked it out”

“From 2015 through 2016, we used 4 tutors over a variety of subjects Algebra, Spanish 2, Biology, Geography and English for our 15 year old daughter in a “Home/Tutor” Schooling situation using the Keystone curriculum. One of those 4 tutors was Miss Erica, we call her “E”!  The other tutors were good but they were just moving too slow through the curriculum. We initially had Erica tutoring Spanish 2. She completed her curriculum before all other tutors. My daughter really enjoyed tutoring with Erica and she was LEARNING at the same time!! We knew Erica was also pretty good with math as well, so when my daughter became agitated with math tutor we asked Miss Erica if she would take it over. She took it over alright! We gave her the timelines we were working with, she came up with a plan and absolutely knocked it out! She and my daughter completed about 55% of what was left of the math curriculum in about 2-3 months! Again, my daughter does not like math or science very much, but she actually learned it and received a B+ for the class! Well, since we were on a roll with Erica and Biology was moving a snails pace with the other tutor (which was extremely frustrating), we decided to ask Erica if she could handle tutoring Biology. We found out, science is Erica’s thing, so she gladly accepted her new challenge! Same deal, she came up with a rock solid plan and executed it! She finished the 70% of Biology curriculum with my daughter in the same amount of time or shorter than it took the other tutor to get through 30% of the curriculum!!! Another B for my daughter! Mind you, this is not a case of the tutor doing the work. It is my daughter is doing all of the work and submitting it, not Miss Erica! At this point, for us, Erica is a cape wearing super hero, with the big “E” on the front! We had to ask once more, because Geography and English (one tutor) were going no where fast and we were on a serious timeline to get the Keystone curriculum done for the academic year. Erica absolutely worked her magic again for those two courses and my daughter finished 2 weeks before for school ended May 2016! The beauty of it is that my daughter said she was learning from Erica and enjoyed being tutored by her ( they did spend a lot of time together). The other really great thing is that Geography and English are not even Erica’s best subjects and she rocked it!!! In plain terms, Erica has her own “system” that just flat out works and she gets the kids learning and doing the work. She’s great in being proactive with the parents and letting them know where things stand! I can tell you that when we need to call a tutor, Erica is first, second and third on the list!!! You can’t go wrong with this very talented young lady, she was a godsend for us this past year and really turned around a frustrating academic year to one where there is confidence going into the next year! Thank you, “E”!!!” – Preston J.

“She has been so reliable and helpful”

Erica is as good as it gets, I have called on her to assist my son in math since 2015 and she has been so reliable and helpful.
I am not a math whiz so I can’t help my son as much as I would like, we had went through several tutors until we found Erica, my son since then has maintained a passing grade in math and whenever he has problems understanding his classwork we call on Erica and she delivers ! She also helped him prep for the STARR test. There is so much I could say about how valuable she is as a tutor but it wouldn’t measure up to how great of an educator she is.
She has been the best tutor we ever had, a few sessions with her and my son has kept a passing grade in Algebra since !!” – Edward J.

“She is so patient but persistent”

“We love Erica! She is so patient but persistent to ensure our child understands and retains what she learns. She has taken our daughter from dreading Spanish to happily doing the work required and succeeded in class!” – Leigh C.

“Erica is very helpful”

“Erica is very helpful! I’ve used her for trigonometry and physics, i would not know how to survive my tough college courses if it wasn’t for her. I highly recommend her for any age group or math subject.” – booshi13

“It helps to have a different explanation”

“Erica is great at giving me approaches to understand how to work my physics problems. It helps to have a different explanation than my teacher’s in class, and to have her point out the mistakes I am making. She has really helped improve my grade and test scores, especially on my AP test. ” – Grace L.

“She is amazingly patient”

“Erica has provided top-notch tutoring for my high school-aged daughter for almost 3 years in Algebra and Geometry. She is amazingly patient, trustworthy, helpful and has made such a difference in my daughter’s test scores.” – Dana C.

“Our daughter really responded to her”

“I hired Erica to tutor my daughter in Spanish. I loved that she came to our house. That made life so much simpler for our busy schedule. Our daughter really responded to her. She enjoyed having Erica come over and got a lot of the sessions. We liked her so much that we actually asked her to also tutor my daughter in math. We will definitely call Erica anytime we need help in the future. She’s very friendly and fun, and can tackle a broad range of subjects. Highly recommend!” – Sarah R.

“I was able to do a lot better”

“I have always struggled with math and Erica made it very understandable and answered all of my questions with clarity. I was able to do a lot better than I expected in my course. I would definitely recommend her services!” – Jenni P.

“Her teaching style makes me feel so comfortable”

“Erica is wonderful person, inside and out! Her teaching style makes me feel so comfortable and as in academics she is a all rounder! She is one of the best people out there, so don’t wait! Hurry on and call or email her!” – Angel Z.

“Knowledgeable, patient, professional, dedicated and attentive”

“I could select many adjectives or adverbs to describe the quality of Erica’s pedagogy, but here are some that come to mind quickly: knowledgeable, patient, professional, dedicated and attentive. She comes to work prepared, and works with your child where he or she is. Whether your goal is after school tutoring for your public or private school student or supplemental tutoring for your home schooler, Erica is without question one of the best tutors in Austin.
She tutors my two home school students, ages 7 and 9 in basic math, and reading and writing skills. My kids like her.” – Fred M.

“Very communicative with us”

“Erica was great for my son. She made efforts to have the assignment be fun for him and was very communicative with us as parents.” – Sarah H.

“Very patient and knowledgeable tutor”

“Erica has been a very patient and knowledgeable tutor. We appreciate her very much! Wonderful person we’re getting to know.” – R. M.